You may make a donation to Psi Chapter by credit card using PayPal.
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the Psi Diamond Association or the Charitable Foundation.
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Donate to the Psi Diamond Association, Inc.
How will these donations be used?

Assist the House Corporation with general maintenance and supply needs over and above the normal expenses supported by the rent.

Provide support for the active chapter in any capacity required such as fund raising, alumni communications, recruiting (formerly called rush), pledging scholarship assistance, attendance at General fraternity events, conventions, Homecoming, Alumni Dinner, & Alumni Weekend.

While donations to the PDA are not tax deductible, their use is unrestricted.   Donations to PDA can be “ear marked” according to the donors wishes or if not indicated otherwise, used in a manner of greatest need.

Donate to the Psi Charitable Foundation, Inc.
How will these donations be used?

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.  It provides for a perpetual charitable foundation in which the corpus is invested and reinvested by our investment committee. The interest income is distributed for scholarships, Bethany College donations, support for our real property investments, and other approved purposes of the foundation.

Donations to the foundation are restricted. Unlike funds given to the PDA, they may only be distributed according to the bylaws of the foundation.